Dear Lord, save us from the Groach.

My daughter is 8--which I remember being one of my favorite years as a child.  Her imagination is fertile, and the world is brimming with endless possibilities.  She loves to write and illustrate her own stories.  She's very inventive, and most recently invented a character named "The Groach."

The Groach--who is loosely based on a large pile of hodge podge sitting on a shelf in my bedroom--appears only in the late afternoon, and resembles a lopsided Christmas tree, with glowing red eyes and a permafrown. 

OH yes.

My oldest son found the Groach hilarious, at first.  Yep--it's all fun and games until someone gets scared poopless--which didn't take very long at all.  Annnnnnnd after just a few moments, he was crying inconsolably because the Groach was going to get him.  Or so he thought.

I could have said a special bedtime prayer that night, but we so often ask God to take away the nightmares [the anxiety, the fear, the bad stuff], rather than to grant us courage [wisdom, serenity, peace] from an endless supply.  The Groach reminded me that we all go through scary, painful, and uncertain times in life.  Just because you may or may not believe in God or another higher power does not grant you immunity from trouble and suffering.  But you may have access to tap into whatever you need at the moment.

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