How to Do Life

I like to try to get my kids to bed at a decent hour, even a bit early on Sunday evenings in preparation for the school week.   Tonight I went totally freestyle, because my kids had all the questions about life.  They wanted to know it all:

"How many years before high school?"
"How long do I have to go to college?"
"How do I get a job as a project manager making weapons for the Army?" <---I thought this was totally random, until my 6 year old son shared some of the things he learned from the other parents at Career Day last week.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd nearly an hour later, they finally went to sleep.  I really love talking to my kids, especially about life.  I got to tell them that there are really no right or wrong answers.  They don't have to know who they want to be when they get to be my age.  Some kids know they want to be a doctor or a teacher.  There are some like me, who want to do lots of different things.  Most importantly, I want them to follow their hearts.  The easiest way to find your dream job is to figure out what you're good at, and what you enjoy doing.  There's usually a way to entwine these things into a satisfying career, whether you find yourself at college studying to be an astronaut, or a project manager.

I love that there are no right or wrong answers in life (for the most part).  Every moment is a stepping stone to another moment, which creates a path to the exact place that you are supposed to be in.

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