Sour Patch Kid

I thought I fell pretty hard for [my husband] B about 16 years ago. Well, let me just tell you... When Son #1 was born nearly 7 years ago, I fell in love all over again. In a different way, of course. I love all of my children to pieces, but there is something about holding my little boy in my arms.  Of course, I swear Baby K is a mama's boy, now that Son #1 doesn't seem to want that post anymore.

He's a big man now, y'all.

He is my Sour Patch Kid.

When he's sweet, he melts my ice cold heart into a puddle on the floor.

When he's sour (as we all can be), he makes my face twist and contort, and my blood boil. Ha!

He opens doors for his mama.

He waters my plants with a water gun, because why not?

He rescues all kinds of insects and spiders, setting them free before they are sent to bug heaven by yours truly.

He is a warm, kind, friendly, sensitive soul.  I am learning so much about compassion and grace from him.

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