Chore Charts and Veggie Farts (because my rhymes are *tight*)

I probably should have named this blog Chore Charts and Veggie Farts, because that basically sums up my life right now.

Hindsight is 20/20, ain't it?

Every once in a while, I take the easy route while cooking dinner and skip the veggie.  Too many skips is murdah on the digestive system, let me tell ya.  Help me, Dulcolax.

Welp, I can also tell you that suddenly eating all the veggies also blows...

{I know you see what I did there, and now you can't un-see it, can you?}

My older kids are at the age (7 & 8) where they are totally into helping out.  Just the other day, my Princess complained that she hasn't had a chance to learn how to mop the floor. 

What Princess wants, Princess gets, baby.

O-boy (my son) did a bang up job mopping the floor for me a while ago.  I mean, it looked better than when I do it.  How does that happen?  His favorite place to help is with the cooking.  I call him my Spice Doctor.   When dinner goes bland, I call in the Spice Doctor to hook it up. 

I made the kids a bootleg chore chart to keep track of their daily chores.  Right now, it's just a running list of age-appropriate tasks, organized by each area of the house.  They get a sticker for getting stuff done, and they earn a "dollar" (fake money) toward the purchase of a special treat or toy (usually from the dollar store or dollar section in Target).

They dig it, I dig it, eve-ry-bod-y happy.

They get to learn the value of hard work and earning a wage, and I get to watch them grow into a little man and woman.  *sniff*

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