The results are in!!! Baby #4 is...

We had a small gathering of family and a few friends over this weekend to unveil Mystery Baby's gender.  It was kind of bootleg and totally thrown together at the last minute (hence the very few pictures), but everyone in attendance had a good time. 
No shame anywhere in my game. 
Even I was able to chill out (even with 5 kids running around my house) without so much as a sip of wine.  Yes indeed, thank You, Jesus.
{Side note:  I'm totally, I said totally done throwing my own soirees.  I love to celebrate, but I'm not a party planner and definitely need one in my arsenal for future shindigs.  #knowyourself}
Ahem--so, without further ado--


If you can't see the video for any reason, try this link. *Peace*

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